Happiness is Pets = Some Unhappy Dog Owners

A warning has been issued to customers of a popular suburban Chicago pet store chain, “Happiness is Pets”. According to NBC News, two puppies were purchased in December and January at two different Happiness is Pets locations (one of them the Arlington Heights store) and the animals suffered tell-tale signs of distemper. One of the dogs is struggling to survive and the other has died. Now there’s concern about other dogs purchased from the chain.

James Hollensteiner and Natalie Sallee filed a complaint with the Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) when their adopted a 4-month-old yellow lab became ill. The animal was adopted on Jan. 1 from a family who purchased the dog from the Arlington Heights location. According to the new pet owners, “She is getting sicker and unable to be socialized with other dogs.”

“We are continuing to medicate her and hope for the best,” they said.

CAPS, along with the West Suburban Humane Society, said they think the owner’s practices are inhumane. CAPS has also been protesting the chain and representatives say they’ve traced the puppies sold there to a puppy mill in Iowa.

Ninety-five percent of puppies that are in pet stores are from puppy mills, so they come from poor conditions, unclean conditions,” said Patti Miller of the West Suburban Humane Society. “Oftentimes they’re vaccinated way too young.”

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